4 Easy Ways to Update your Curb Appeal Without Spending a Fortune!

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Now that the April has officially begun and the warm weather is starting to come around, a little spring cleaning might be all it takes to wash away the winter woes and brighten up your home!

We all know that “sprucing up one’s place” can often be extremely expensive, and not to mention time consuming. However, this spring, why not enhance your curb appeal with these 4 easy, cost efficient tricks.

 Clean up your lawn

If it looks like you care about your outside, the inference will be that you care about the inside too. Take an hour or so on a pleasant Saturday afternoon to rake up all the dead leaves left over from the fall and the branches that fell during the winter. In addition, it’s worth it to walk around your lawn and do a check for any dog droppings that the thaw may reveal.

While you’re at it, you may want to put down a little fertilizer to encourage some early growth, and grass seed on any balding areas so your lawn has an even appearance. After months of a lawn filled with dead leaves or snow, it will be a pleasant change to have a green lawn for spring, helping to enhance the look of the exterior of your home.

Add some positive colour

Flowers can obviously beautify your outdoors, and help to enhance your curb appeal! Did you know that coloured flowers can even affect your visitor’s psychology? Therefore, depending on the feeling you want to convey from your home, you may want to display various kinds and colours of flowers.

Yellow, for example, can create feelings of excitement and energy. If this is the feeling you want to express this spring, consider flanking your front door with buckets of large sunflowers.

Blue flowers on the other hand, may help add a more calming presence to your home, as the colour has been shown to lower blood pressure (this, incidentally, is why most medical centre walls are blue). Maybe you want to line your walkway with delphiniums or columbines. The latter is a favourite of the hummingbird, and wouldn’t that be a pleasant sight to see?

Finally, think about throwing a bit of white into the mix. White makes space look bigger, be it on walls or in gardens. If this is the update you want to add to your home this spring, then white hydrangeas would be perfect ¾ and as an added bonus, they’re a symbol of friendship.

 Pressure wash your walls and repaint any chips

This winter was particularly harsh. If you’ve driven anywhere in the last few weeks, you’ve no doubt noticed the pothole volume is significantly greater than it has been in years past. Your house probably sustained the same damage, and it doesn’t show well at all.

First step: a thorough washing. Get rid of all those white lines Old Man Winter left behind. The darker your exterior, the more they’ll stand out.  Allow your neighbours to think you worked hard to maintain your home all winter!

Once your exterior is clean, take a walk around your house and look for touch-up points. A few hours of a painter’s time won’t cost you much, and the outcome is worth it!

Change your numbers

Spring has sprung, so you really want to brighten up your place! What better way to do so then adding Backlit LED house numbers to your home. These LED numbers look great, and prevent all your spring and summer house guests from getting lost on their way to your (many) house events. As an added bonus, having bright backlit LED house numbers helps to reduce response time in emergencies.

The first three suggestions are on you and how much elbow grease you’re willing to commit to the task of sprucing up your place.

As for the last one, we’ve got you more than covered. Try Homidea's LED backlit house numbers to update and modernize your home. See for yourself the difference that brighter, LED house numbers can make.

Whether you’re looking to update your home for a new year, or even selling your home this season, we hope that these quick and cheap fixes help you brighten up your home for the wonderful season of spring. Enjoy!