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Homidea LED house lights ensure your house is visible night/day. Built-in sensor turns lights on/off at dusk/dawn and sound-activated overhead light adds additional lighting to the driveway for your visitors. The lights require 12-volt power supply module with support for up to 5 digits, and can be installed in less than one hour.

Homidea LED House Numbers ensure:

  • Your house number to stay visible day and night.
  • A super bright, weatherproof and high quality LED house number that's efficient and durable for every season.
  • Your visitors, guests, or even in an emergency can easily find you.

All our products are exclusively manufactured by HOMIDEA Direct Sales Inc. A major benefit of the product is high visibility and readability in the evenings. This address number sign is even readable from an extended distance of 100m / 330 ft. Our top customer feedback about this product is its brightness. In their words, “Very Bright.”

Numbers should be ordered separately to make up your personal address combination. For example, if your house number is 23, you would need to order the numbers 2, 3 and power module separately. If there isn't an electrical outlet close to where you plan to hang your house number, there's an option to purchase an extension cord (sold separately).

You’ll never want to be without your new HOMIDEA LED House Number. One time installation, full time duration. No maintenance required.

Don’t delay, buy today!