6 Steps to Prepare your House For Winter.

The Holidays are here, and it’s time to prepare your house for the winter season. There are a few things that you can do to ensure a warm, safe winter for you and your neighbors. Preparing your house is one of the most important things as a homeowner. When weather sets in you don’t want to be caught by surprise with damages or added costs. Here are a few things you can do to prepare your house for this winter and avoid trouble.

   1. Clean out Your Gutters

You should remove all debris from the gutters for several reasons. They usually clog up with leaves, sticks and random debris that will start to decay and smell.  Make sure the gutters along the roof and the downspout are cleared; water might sweep under your shingles damaging your roof or run over the side of the gutters creating a puddle near the foundation and freeze. The water overflow many also cause icicles to form which are very dangerous if they fall off.

 2. Leaves Around the Base of the House

The gutters are not the only place you should remove leaves. The collected piles of leaves stashed around the base of your house need to go too. There are a few simple reasons why. One of which prolonged moisture will cause the foundations to deteriorate quicker; of which is not a sudden occurrence but will happen over time. Also, moisture brings bugs and spiders. Take the time to remove the leaves and collected debris from around the base of your house. It will help your home and save you from battling nature’s little critters.

3. Yard Hose Storage

Remember, safeguarding your water lines are always a must for the winter. Detach the hoses from all exterior water faucets. Drain them and store up out of the way. When draining your yard hose, use a slope lay your hose as straight as possible down the hill, gravity should drain the water out. Storing it off the ground out of the way would ideal, hang it from your hook in your garage, on your shed, or near your faucet. The location is up to you.

4. Tree Pruning

If you have trees in your yard with low hanging branches, it’s best to remove them so that they don’t collect ice or snow and break, causing damage to your house our your neighbors. Be sure to check all your trees for overhanging branches over your home or cars. Only prune what hangs low, your trees need those larger branches to survive the cold months ahead.

 5. Windows and Doors

Always when you are the most comfortable do feel a pesky draft? Maybe it's the whistling front door and howling window. Either way, it’s time for new seals. Choose the right caulk and seals for the job and take the time to do it right. New seals will keep the cold out as well as warm in.

6. Heating and Air

Heating system, air vents, and ceiling fans need to be checked and cleaned. If you do it yourself or have someone do it, check the function of your heater. Make sure there are no leaks or things out of place. Air vent covers and duct filters collect dust and could restrict airflow. This can put wear on your heater and heating bill. It doesn't hurt to have an extra filter just in case. One less thing you’ll have to run out and get when it’s bitter cold. Ceiling fan blades catch a lot of particles in the air. A quick wipe of the edges and top will do. While you're at it, flip the fan switch to reverse and recirculate the warm air.


The winter season can be unforgiving. Be sure that you do your best to prevent disasters or unwanted damages to your property or your neighbor’s property. Remember to go through the list to prepare your house for the winter and stay warm. This holiday season should be spent in your house, not on your house.