Light Up Your Home This Winter With Homidea's LED House Numbers

Canadian winters are rough, but coming home shouldn’t be. This winter, light up your home with Homidea LED house numbers. These house numbers are sure to fit any style of home in any season.

Recently, Canada has been reaching wind chill temperatures of -38 to -49. Along with these below freezing temperatures comes high winds and copious amounts of snow. There have been many road closings due to less-than-visible conditions. Most lights, even street lights, are hard to see in this kind of conditions. However, LED house numbers are very visible no matter what. The Homidea LED house numbers are visible no matter the weather conditions. The LED “Cool White” light optimizes visibility to your home. Thus, even in a snowstorm, you’ll be sure to see the numbers. These bright LED house numbers are attached to a power source making them long-lasting and durable.

Imagine driving home in the thick winter fog or deep snow. During a snowstorm, it can be impossible even to see ten feet in front of you. The only thing that helps is the fact that you know when to turn because your neighbors blue light on the side of their house. Now you have a long driveway to continue down. Thankfully, you have your Homidea house numbers to light-up your home to help direct you. Ahead, you see your numbers “4158” lit up above your garage door. What a warm and welcoming way to come home!

Homidea LED house numbers are a great addition to welcome you home, day or night! Don’t get stuck trying to find your home in a snowstorm! Say goodbye to old house numbers and warm up your home with Homidea LED house numbers.

What people are saying:

“They are just bright enough to see where you are going in your driveway!”

“I love the size of them! There’s no way you can miss my house!”

“The background matches my house colors.”