More Than Just Another Reusable Grocery Bag

First, it was paper then it was plastic, now it’s reusable.

And now it’s no longer only just for groceries.


Everyone has their own version of a reusable grocery bag. Some cloth and some plastic. Often times, most are questionable in strength, take up storage space, and are hard to clean.

But with Homidea reusable grocery bag, you get the convenience of saving space while getting the strength and durability that won’t leave you empty handed.

These compact shopping bags are lighter than a tee-shirt and are capable of carrying those heavy gallon milk jugs and/or bulky canned goods without stretching, puncturing or ripping.

Each collapsible shopping bag has a 6-inch width bottom and is 21 inches in height, not including the long handles.

It’s never fun when a reusable bag breaks. That is why Homidea reusable grocery bags are made from RipStop Oxford Fabric Technology and can hold up to 50 pounds. That’s a heavy duty bag!

Not only are Homidea reusable grocery totes durable. They also fold and zip up to the size of a wallet that can easily be slipped into your purse, back pocket or just casually carried.


And as an added bonus, it also has an external pocket that can conveniently hold your keys, phone and credit cards. Making it fewer bags to tote around as you bring your groceries home in one quick trip. It is everything you need for carrying your store goods.

We are so confident in our reusable grocery bag that we will replace or refund it if there are any rips or damages within 1 year of your initial purchase. Just contact one of our fantastic customer service members, and we will get your new bag out to you as quick as possible.

Homidea reusable bags are for more than just groceries. It’s durable material and compatibility make it great for everyday use. From the sandy beaches to that rugged camping trips, this bag can hold and handle it all.

And when you find a sticky mess in the bottom of your tote bag because do accidents happen! Not to worry, you can merely un-zipper your eco-friendly shopping bag and toss into the washer. Hang it out to dry when you're done and zip it up to store for your next outing.

These casually stylish grocery bags also come in an assortment of gender-neutral colors, so there is no worry when your significant other uses them.





So stop collecting those reusable bags that take up space and break. And get your eco-friendly tote, made with RipStop Oxford Fabric Technology, from Homidea today and carry with confidence.