Storing Your Holiday Decorations

Christmas is over and the New Year is almost upon us. With its coming, a plan to be organized strikes again. And why not? This coming year is the best year to start and stay organized with your holiday decorations!

Where to start

Getting sturdy rubber or plastic tubs and bins for decoration storage of all sizes is the perfect place to start. Depending on the decorations you should always use the appropriate container to maximize storage space.

If the holidays wiped you out, you could use the collection of leftover gift boxes instead throw them out. There is no reason why not. Recycle, Reuse!

Keep in mind over time cardboard box might get squished or torn leaving your holiday memories to the elements. The plastic bins or rubber tubs are much sturdier and can be sealed closed but are not a must although they do help in the long run.

Labeling and Clear Containers

Labeling each box is imperative. Every year, scrounging through those unmarked boxes or mismatch lids hoping the decorations are still together only adds stress. Try labeling on the edges or the corners of the boxes to help identify its contents. It’s much easier to see the edges of the container then unstacking the storage space just to look at the lids label.

Clear containers work amazingly as well. Ever if you mislabel something, nothing is more obvious than the seeing the contents within. I prefer these most of all but use any and all boxes and containers I can.

Christmas Lights

The strings of dreaded holiday lights that are precious and delicate but can never stay untangled will be organized this year! The use of box that you cut in into a rectangle will help. Almost like the concept of wrapping string around a kite handle.

Start at one end of the rectangle and wrap the lights taut but not to tight around the cardboard. Secure the ends by weaving them into itself or taping them to the cardboard. Then store in the proper container and label.

Storing your Garland

Storing the garland for next year is best if you keep all pieces separated. Placing each strand one by one in the storage container coiling as it will help keep them from tangling. The edge of the container and the center of the garland are perfect places to pack delicate ornaments and decoration.

Packaging Decorations and Ornaments

Ornaments and decorations are the most challenging. It’s best to use holiday tissue paper or egg cartons to wrapped or encase each item then stack in the container by weight, size, and shape. The more delicate handmade ornaments deserve care and special packing. Have a specific container set aside to ensure safekeeping. Don’t overpack container and always stack on the top.

Storing your Christmas Tree

After years of dragging out the box that holds the dependable old tree, it’s time to consider a replacement. But when you look at an alternate container then none of which are shaped the right way. Well, consider a large duffle bag, the price is about the same for a bin or tub, but the bag conforms to the tree's shape in a better way which will save you more stage space.

Saving Old Boxes

All the boxes that held the gifts can be saved for use next year or used as decoration storage.

Using the largest box for holding and the Tetris concept, neatly stack small unfolded boxes together for gifts for the following year. Reusing is particularly handy for packing and wrapping clothes and obvious shaped gifts while saving time and money.


Well, this year is the year for a new beginning and a defiant stance with keeping those holiday decorations separated and organized. With a great start, you can generate the momentum for the whole year. But if not at least you know where all your decorations are stored, and that’s a head start. So keep it up, next will be the clutter cleanup and health care.