That Perfect Holiday Scent

Christmas is around the corner, and nothing says Season Greetings like the perfect holiday smell. The sweet aromas of spices, citrus, and fresh evergreen foliage create the perfect holiday smells.

Here are a few hallmark smells that will be sure to welcome your friends and family this holiday year.

Adding Nature

If you've decided to use the trusty artificial tree this year have no fear, you could still get the authentic tree smell. Garlands, wreaths or decorative centerpieces on your shelves, rails or mantelpieces add the perfect touches. It's best to look for Pine, Cypress, Spruce, or Fir for your evergreen scent. For an easy centerpiece, arranging different types of trees together with small candles and pine cones.

Spices and More

The use of fruits and spices completes the holiday smell and adds a charming festive appeal. The combination of oranges, cinnamon, lemons, cranberries, bay leaves, coffee, and nutmeg will be sure to set the mood. From decorations to tree ornaments, centerpieces and arrangements, any combination of scents will make your home ready for Christmas Day. Try slicing lemons and oranges then bundle them with cinnamon sticks and placing them in your tree or on your shelves.

Pomander Tradition

Pomanders are a perfect family DIY project before Christmas. The mixture of aromatic spices, herbs, and fruit will freshen up every corner of your home. Either hung by a ribbon from your tree or added to a centerpiece, the pomander is an old tradition that easy and fun to make.

Potpourri Centerpiece

Potpourri is another aromatic methods to spice up your home. A collection of cinnamon sticks, orange slices, and pine cones together in a festive bowl makes for a great centerpiece. Add a different variety of items in various locations throughout your house.


The most fragrant method to fill your house with the Hallmark smell is boiling your ingredients. The combination of cranberries, cinnamon, oranges, lemons bay leaves all together in a boiling pot of water releases the fullest freshest Christmas smell that will be unforgettable.  


Wax Candles and Oil Candles are always a must for the holidays. Either you purchase them or make your own, candles offer a long-lasting scent that can be remembered into the next year. The large combinations wax scents and sizes add convenience to a busy schedule.


Essential oils are an efficient way to spread the holiday cheer. Cold air diffusers have the straightforward application of water and oil, and Ultrasonic diffuser uses just the oil. Scents can be more specific and tend to be more aromatic. Frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, citrus the oils are endless. Add a few drop of orange, cinnamon, ginger, clove with some water (depending on the diffuser) and get hours of that soothing Christmas smell.


Whichever Christmas scents you create and methods you use, your friends and family will be sure never to forget the holiday scents.