Winter Nights with LED House Numbers

Canada is expected to continue to have a long winter. Unfortunately, winter months bring long nights and short days. It feels as if the sun is only around for 6 hours. Most of us are up before the sunrise and come home from work after the sun has already set. There’s nothing more depressing than never seeing the light. When you get home, it sure would be nice to pull up to a bright, welcoming lit home. Homidea LED number lights are just what you’re searching for.  

Why LED?

LED house numbers have been in fashion for quite some time now, and if you haven’t switched over, you should be asking yourself “why not?” LED house numbers are the most energy saving, brightest, type of light on the market right now. With Homidea LED house numbers, you will be sure to see your house number up to 300 feet away! Its cool white lighting is sure to bring you the welcoming feeling you’ve been wanting.

This is not a solar power light that was bought at a home store that may or may not work (especially in the snow). They are proven to last a long time because they can easily be plugged into your homes power source, no batteries required. Even though they may be plugged into your home, they are not using a large amount of power to light them up. You can connect up to five brightly lit numbers to your home.

These numbered LED house numbers are:

  • Highly visible with a cool white light
  • Large
  • Long lasting
  • Easy to install


Unless it’s Christmas all year round, your home usually won’t have enough lights to make it feel warm and welcoming. At least it would be nice to come home to your home with LED number lights. We can’t keep you warm this winter, but we can lead you to warmth with our Homidea LED house numbers. These LED lights add a bright smile to your home’s dark exterior, providing warm and inspiring décor for the winter months!