Reusable Foldable Shopping Bags

These packable, eco-friendly shopping bags are the perfect thing for a quick trip to Wal-Mart, Costco or the supermarket. Never worry about recycling those plastic bags ever again. Store them in your trunk, the pocket behind your seat, or just grab them quickly on your way out the door. These folded, wallet sized tote bags make a perfect carrier for your phone, cash or credit cards. Then after you have stowed your groceries, your phone and credit cards store in the outside pocket for safe keeping. You can throw this foldable, rectangular bag over your shoulder with the extra long handles! Take it to the beach and don’t forget the sandwiches and snacks in one tote and the toys in the other. Or carry your picnic to the park! After lunch you can zipper the bag back up and keep it in your back pocket while you soak up the afternoon! Homidea tote bags come in solid, gender-neutral colors like green, red, navy blue, and light blue for men and women to carry. Help the environment, reduce your carbon footprint and use reusable shopping bags. Our tote bags are 100% Guaranteed Money Back or Replacement. Click Add to Cart and live green today!
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